Consultancy & Software/Hardware Development

FULK encourages and supports creative thinking. Ideas and innovations can be researched, developed and applied in our CSHD.  We are aware that cutting-edge complex systems requires many factors including: the recognition of the architectural implications on the system, the understanding of the emerging technologies, the diagnosis and the handling of failures, appreciation of performance and scalability, importance of safety and reliability, appreciation of timing and accuracy constrains, and the efficiency of interfacing and handshaking between software and hardware. On recognising these factors we make every effort to translate those requirements into reality. We currently interesting in the development of autonomous and Rigoius System
  • Projects that have been developed so far
  • Multi-agents system for monitoring and diagnostics of vehicles
  • Drivers for land and underwater robots
  • Messaging systems for mobile communications
  • Location-based services applications (m-commerce)
  • Real-time knowledge-based systems for aircrafts
  • Localisation of software packages and language processing.
  • Sphinx the Robot